Want to make your car engine always healthy and safe, want to improve your driving habits ?, this amazing smart key is definitely the best way to enjoy driving and preserve your car.

The Zubie Key is a smart device that is designed to connect on your car's OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) to bring you all the engine information that you need, and that's in real time, which will let you discover and prevent costly car problems. The delivered info will be available on your Android Or iOS device thanks to a dedicated Zubie App. 

The smart key monitors bad driving habits such as rapid accelerating and hard braking, and provides suggestions for improvement, also, it will inform you about upcoming problems for your engine, and will suggest solutions and tips, so no need to visit the garage.

That's not all, the Zubie Key can track your car and phone location, is also locate friends and family who are on the road, and let you receive alerts when they arrive or depart from a common locations.

Zubie Key is compatible with most vehicles manufactured in 1996 or later, want to get it ? just hit the amazon button below !


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