Never worry again about checking your meat on the grill, the iGrill2 device is going to do all the work for you !

iGrill2 is a smart thermometer bluetooth device, it contains probes that will be inserted inside your meat while grilling it, the device is provided with a temperature sensor that tells you your food temperature.

You can set your wanted temperature, and the iGrill bill notify you when your food is done, and that's not only on the iGrill2 screen, the device come with an iOS dedicated App, the App is able to bring you tracking notifications from the iGrill2 via Bluetooth communication, and you can stay away from your kitchen for a distance up to 45 meter, the App is also able to simultaneously Monitor up to 4 probes, and it allow you to preset and custom temperature alarms, set timers and socially share your recipes...

The iGrill2 is only compatible with iOS 7 or newer devices, it is also compatible with iPad Mini, iPad 3 and newer, iPhone 4s and newer, iPod touch 5th gen and newer. If you want this great device, just hit the button below !


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