Despite its rough last year, Fitbit is still the market leader in the activity tracking gadgets and wearables, and now, the company is unveiling three new activity trackers that should be available soon.

The three new Fitbit activity trackers are named The Charge, The Charge HR and the Surge, and here is what they do !

The charge is including all the same features as the Force, with the caller-ID function,and the new feature is the automatic sleep tracking, and this mean than you don't have to tell your Fitbit when you're going to bed, so it begin tracking you, the smart band will track your sleep automatically, otherwise, the Charge contains all the same features of the previous Force, and the same battery life of 7 days.

The second tracker is the Charge HR, adds another feature to the the Charge, and it is the heart rate monitor, so if you're a person who constantly working out, this maybe your best choice to track your heart rate goals and burned calories during workouts, the Charge HR has a shorter battery life of 5 days.

And the third activity tracker is the Surge, and this is the full option wearable !, the Surge is provided with a touch screen that can control your music, along with the called-ID features,  and the step counting features, and the great thing, is the included GPS module that can track your runs, not much of activity trackers have the GPS and the heart rate monitor in a one device.

The Charge, The Charge HR and the Surge will cost you respectively $130, $150 and $250.

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