Researchers have been continuously looking for solutions to reduce diseases that are mainly represented by bacteria, antibiotics are becoming more and more weak, and bacteria is now more resistive to them, that's why, researchers from Tufts University and UIUC came with a more efficient solution that should cure infections, and that's by using an electronic wireless chip !

The chip is an electronic implant that once placed inside the the patient, it will cure the staph infection using heat, the chip contains a magnesium heating element that could be activated remotely using a wireless transmitter, when the infection is removed and bacteria is killed, the electronic implant will be automatically and harmlessly dissolved and reabsorbed inside your body, leaving no trace within minutes or weeks, depending on the healing process. The chip implant is provided with a silk protein layer to protect the electronic parts and encapsulate the magnesium heater.

An experiment of this device was made in vivo on an infected mice, and it was successful, the researchers believe that the procedure is going to be successfully applied on humans due to ist simplicity, it will be a great way to cure post-surgery infections, Fiorenzo Omenetto, professor of biomedical engineering said: "These wireless strategies could help manage post-surgical infection, for example, or pave the way for eventual 'wi-fi' drug delivery."

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