Done with the Black Friday ? Many tech deals are still on for the next week, and because we are living the year 2014 ! we can't forget about wearable gadgets, so here are a Top 4 of the best wearable Tech deals that you can get this week:

1- Jawbone 

UP 24 by Jawbone, is a great activity tracker to track steps, exercise, overall calories burned, hours slept and quality of sleep, you can also connect with your friends and family via this smart wristband, the Jawbone UP 24 does not contain a screen, it will alarm you with gentle vibrations, and it also come with an Android and an iOS App that will allow you to track your nutrition and more, the wearable gadget is now 38% off, and you can get it from this Amazon link.

2- Fitbit Charge

the FitBit Charge will track all your day stats like distance traveled, steps taken, calories burned, stairs climbed, and more, you can set your daily goals to reach them and improve your activities via an Android and an iOS dedicated App, the Fitbit will also display smartphone caller IDs on its screen, the FitBit Charge is available with 32% off on this Amazon Link.

3- Samsung Gear Fit

Two in one ! the Samsung Gear Fit is at the same time a fitness tracker and a smartwatch compatible with Samsung devices, it is dust and water resistant to guarantee a full daily protection during your sport and normal activities, the Gear Fit is 33% off, and you can get it from this Amazon Link.

4- LG G Watch

LG G Watch powered by Android Wear has a slim and compact design, it is compatible with your Android device to show real time notifications about emails, messages, incoming calls and more, it can be also used as a standalone watch, the LG G watch is now 37% off, and you can get it from this Amazon Link.

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