It is obvious that Amazon are not just focusing on selling other manufacturer's product, the company has unveiled a number of their own tech products like the Amazon Fire Phone and more, and now, the company has unveiled Echo, a voice controlled speaker that can bring you music, news, weather and more !

Like shown in the picture, Echo has a cylindrical design that will allow you to hear music from all around the room, but it is not just a speaker, having Echo is like having Google Now or Siri integrated in a speaker, the device is provided with seven microphones that are ready to receive you voice commands, after waking up the device with a hot word, Echo is able to respond and bring you news, weather, set the alarm and stream music and radio for you thanks to a WiFi connectivity that connects to the Amazon cloud.

Also, Echo is accompanied with an App that is compatible with Fire OS and Android to control your preference, such as volume, commands, enabling and disabling the microphones and more...

Echo will cost you $199, but it is only available over an invitation for now, and if you're a prime subscriber, you can get it for $99.

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