brain to brain communication

Recently, a stunning experiment was made by a Washington group of researchers to prove that brain interfacing an d thoughts transmitting can be done !, the experiment was made on six people divided in three pairs of transmitters and receivers, the experience consists of making the receiver act based on the transmitter thoughts.

Transmitters sits in front of a computer video game with their heads plugged on an EEG machine that can read the brain activity, the video game consist of defending a city by firing cannons, but the transmitters are not the ones who should trigger cannons, the receivers are wearing are swimming cap containing a coil placed on the brain part where hand controlling is done, the receivers are supposed to fire the cannons by clicking a touchpad without seeing the video game ! they have to act based on the transmitters brain signals.

researchers said that the receivers accuracy in firing cannons was between 25 and 83 percent, failing in shooting the right target is basically the transmitter fault and lack of accuracy !

In the future, the team is investing mode funds in researches about info transmission between two brains, researchers believe that this project will be useful in transmitting alerts between two co-pilots for example, and maybe, someday we will be able to transmit complex knowledge between a teacher and a student brain !, this video shows the made experiment.

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