These days, your passwords are everywhere, on the web, on your phone, on your PC, on your important accounts, your credit cards and almost everything, everything needs unlocking to access it, even your house and desk, it is becoming harder to keep your passwords in mind and in a safe place, also, it is an annoying and repetitive task when you have to type and retype your passwords, but, what if all these data could be saved on your wrist, and be automatically used without the need of typing or remembering them.

Everykey is a wristband access device that replaces all your physical keys and passwords, once putted on your wrist, Everykey will allow the user to bypass all his devices passwords
just by being near to them, and that's via Bluetooth connectivity, so if you want to unlock your phone or PC, just hold it and it will be unlocked !

Everykey allow users to enter their emails and website accounts, you just need to type your password for the first time, then, every other time, Everykey will automatically log you in your accounts, and from the moment you are out the range of your device, the wristband will log you off to keep you data safe.

Everykey utilizes AES 128-bit encryption and military grade encryption so you can safely access your important data like your credit card... In the future, the company is looking to even improve the device, by allowing it to unlock your house door, your car door and more..

Want to pledge this project, take a look at kickstarter.

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