Entertainment devices are invading us, from TVs to consoles to smartphones to a countless number of devices, but there is really no product that can fully give all the entertainments you need. KEECKER is the world's first HomePod that will change your way of entertaining.

KEECKER is a new type of computer that will change the way you browse the Web, the way you watch movies and listen to music and much more !, KEECKER is an oval shaped device that integrates plenty of features, it is equipped with a 360° audio and video camera that can shoot videos and photos via an Android or iOS dedicated App, the device also contains a video projectors that will project your movies on any white surface in your house, with just 2 feet away from the surface, KEECKER can project a 40 inch HD video, you can imagine how huge video you can watch if you place it 10 feet away ! the projector can move for 90 degree so you can easily adjust your projection. Want to video chat ?! the device contains a panoramic camera and 2 microphones that will help you with that !

You can stream your videos from the internet, or, you can choose to use the 1 terabyte of the KEECKER internal storage.

KEECKER is provided with a 3D surround sound audio system that will make you enjoy music all around the house just by controlling it from your smartphone via WiFi, the device can also remotely move from a room to another to bring you entertainments where ever you are !

Maybe you also want to remotely check you kids and pets activities inside the house when you're away, well, you can do that too via the Android and iOS App, move the KEECKER around the house to check everything thanks the panoramic camera.

That's not all, KEECKER is provided with Temperature, light, humidity and CO2 sensors that will make you track your house state directly from the App, KEECKER is entirely wirefree, even when charging, the device is provided with a wireless charging station via induction, and the battery will last for several days without charging it.

KEECKER has several hours to go on production, after the huge pledging collected on Kicktarter, you can check there to back the project, no much time left !

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