Oh yes, we already have cameras in our smartphones, why do we need this gadget ?!, well, this is a "little" different camera, the HTC RE is a 16 MP camera that come in the shape of a tube, this little device is capable of shooting 16 photos and recording 1080p HD videos, and directly store them on an internal microSD of an 8 GB, that you can extend to 128 GB. HTC RE is a very useful camera for those who likes traveling and exploring new places, the devices goes easily inside your pocket and fit perfectly in your hands, so how it works !

HTC RE camera contains two buttons, the one on the top will allow you to shoot photos, and by pressing and holding it for two seconds, the camera will begin to record videos, the second button is used when you want to record a slow motion video, the new device contains two LEDs that will inform you whether you're shooting a video or taking photos, the other LED will indicate the battery status, which can last for 5 hours of continuous use.

The new HTC camera is also certified IP57, which make it a waterproof device that you can use inside water for 30 minutes, the gadget is also equipped with a gyroscope to detect when the device is upside down, then flip the taken images in the right way, you can disable this feature to take upside down photos.

Want to get your photos out ?! you can use the integrated microSD chip, or, you can use the Android or iOS dedicated App to sync you medias, and configure the camera in many ways, changing the resolution, programming it for automatic photo shooting, uploading photos to different drives and more... The device will let you be more creative in taking photos and enjoying your moments.

HTC RE camera comes with a charging stand in a shape of a pyramid, and if you want to get it, it is available by just clicking the button below !


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