A new Android App has seen the light, and it is quite special, the App is called Movy, and it is dedicated to video chatting.

The currently existing Apps like skype, Hangouts and more are used only if the two chat participants are available at the same time, but, what if you want to leave a video message for your friend or customer or anyone you want ?! Well, the Movy App is designed for this purpose. The App allow you to record a video of any length you want, then send it to your friend, you can also send it to a group of persons so  they can see it anytime, and the good news is, you can send the video even to people  that don't have the Moby App installed !

The App allow also video commenting and sharing on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and G+. A new interesting way to communicate with people, you can get the App from the Google Play Store by clicking Here !

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