Microsoft is taking a step in the wearable market, in order to compete with the already existing wearables like, Samsung Gear, Apple Watch, Fitbit and so many others, Microsoft has officially unveiled their own smart-band fitness tracker, the Microsoft Band, but what will make it more special !

Microsoft said that this band will track your daily activities like heart rate, steps, calories burned, and your sleeping quality, also, the device can provide you with guided workouts thanks to the companion health App, also another feature, the smart-band is provided with a UV sensor that can tell whether you need to  to apply a sunscreen.

A great step from Microsoft, the company has made the Health App available for Windows Phone, Android and iOS devices !, Matt Barlow, General Manager of Marketing for Personal Devices said “We always insisted that the band had to work not just with Windows but with iOS and Android, "As we built Microsoft Health, we started thinking,  Why should Microsoft Band be the only device that feeds into and benefits from this service?’ We want it connect to any device customers are using to track their health and fitness. We want to remove any and all barriers to providing insights back to customers, regardless of the device they are wearing.

The Microsoft band is also able to give you email previews and calendar alerts.

According the the new york times, the band will cost $199, not a bad price comparing it with other wearables !

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