This new invention can turn the world economy plans upside down, a German company named Sunfire GmbH claims that it has the solution to turn water (H2O) and CO2 into hyrdrocarbons liquid such as kerosene, petrol and synthetic diesel. The solution is a chemical reaction that converts a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen into liquid hydrocarbons, it is called the Fischer–Tropsch process, this reaction combined with solid electrolyzer cells can give the wanted result.

Sunfire GmbH has a machine to do this complicated reaction, and results are great, the company said that the system is 50 percent efficient, a percentage that should be increased to 70 percent in the future. This efficiency can satisfy the gasoline engines recommendations, but why aren't we using this solution, Sunfire said that they still need regulatory factors that will give investors sufficient level of planning reliability.

Well, we still have to wait a long time !

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