Fitbit has previously unveiled 3 activity trackers named The FitBit Charge, The FitBit Charge HR and the FitBit Surge, now the FitBit Charge is available on Amazon, so let's refresh your memory. The FitBit Charge is including all the same features as the Force, with the caller-ID function,and the new feature is the automatic sleep tracking, and this mean than you don't have to tell your Fitbit when you're going to bed, so it begin tracking you, the smart band will track your sleep automatically, otherwise, the FitBit Charge will track all your day stats like distance traveled, steps taken, calories burned, stairs climbed, and more, you can set your daily goals to reach them and improve your activities... Also, the fitness tracker will show you notifications about your incoming calls. The FitBit Charge battery life is estimated at 7 days.

And the good news for iOS users, the Fitbit Comes with an iOS dedicated App to track your data on your Apple device, and that's not all, an other new App is available to sync your FitBit data to the Apple's Health app, and it is called the Sync Solver for Fitbit it will allow you to track your diet, and many more of your health data.

The FitBit Charge is available on Amazon, want to get this amazing gadget, just click the button below !


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