40 years ago, Les Baugh, a Colorado man has lost his both arms in an electrical accident, but after this long period, scientists in the Johns Hopkins University have recently equipped double amputee with a pair of modular prosthetics Limbs that can be controlled with his mind !

First, the surgeons had to wake up dead nerves, and according to Baugh, the process was painful, then, the bionic arms were attached to a special body brace, the system uses pattern recognition to observe muscle activity generated by the awakened nerves, the muscles activity is then translated into electrical impulses that can move the implemented arms and hands.

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The learning process was by introducing Les Baugh to a virtual-reality environment so he can learn to move the arms with his mind, he was able to see a model of the arms on the screen and control them by thought. According to  APL’s Courtney Moran, Baugh has impressed the researchers group with his abilities, “What really was amazing, and was another major milestone with MPL control, was his ability to control a combination of motions across both arms at the same time. This was a first for simultaneous bimanual control” 

Baugh said that he "went into a whole different world", and shortly he will be able to receive a pair a arms after the full development.

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