Bionic arm, leg, and hands are rapidly developed, introducing more and more movements flexibility, but, no prosthetics can really give you the real skin feelings, that's why, a group of American and Korean researchers has developed a new solution, an artificial skin containing of a dense network of sensors made of silicon and gold. The artificial skin will bring back the real sensitivity to prosthetics, but how is that !

The large network of sensors will be connected to the bionic hand, or leg.., which will send electrical messages to the brain to detect pressure, heat and cold and more.. Roozbeh Ghaffari, one of the researchers said "If you have these sensors at high resolution across the finger, you can give the same tactile touch that the normal hand would convey to the brain."

The scientists are still figuring out the best way to connect the sensors to human nerves, beside this, the smart skin will assure elasticity of movements so users can stretch and move their fingers like they're real.

Technology can be exploited in bad ways, but this is really the best way to improve the world, a big step that will be applied soon.

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