If you're a DJ, or planning to be one, Amateur or professional, if you love creating your own music, this Wireless DJ System will be the best for you !

Pioneer is a leading company in the audio world, and Pioneer XDJ-R1 is their wireless DJ system that deserve a stop by !, the device is the first DJ System to feature wireless control functionality through an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, Pioneer XDJ-R1 will allow you to Wirelessly play music from your iOS device via WiFi, thanks to the remotebox app available on the App store. The device can create its own wireless access point when Wi-Fi isn’t available.

Beside the ability to run your music via WiFi when you're away from the device, the remotebox App allows you to access many of the system's functions like choosing and changing songs, controlling volume levels, and the ability to mix songs from any USB device plugged into the system 'Flash drive, laptop...).

Pioneer XDJ-R1 wireless DJ features Auto Beat Loop, Beat Sync, USB device connectivity, built-in dual CD players and MIDI control, it also features noise reduction, independent 3-band isolator and an internal sound card. The wireless DJ also includes the rekordbox software that will enable you to manage and prepare your music stored on your computer.

This is definitely the perfect wireless DJ system, and if you want to perfectly mix your music, you can get the Pioneer XDJ-R1 by hitting the Amazon button below !


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