Do you always have a problem with keeping your friends, family or co-workers away from your room or office, do you always forget you room's keys inside the house ?! with this new smart lock, you will never worry about that.

The Danalock is a smart lock that will allow you lock and unlock your deadbolt-equipped doors without using a physical key, you just need your iOS or Android smartphone, and a free downloadable dedicated App, Danalock uses Bluetooth or Z-Wave to identify your smartphone, the App provide you with a simple lock and unlock buttons so you can remotely open your door. The device is also provided with an Auto-Unlock feature that will automatically open the door whenever someone with the correct digital key is in range, the App also allow you to set up a specific window of time for guests, workers or other people to gain access to your locked room, then the Danalock will be automatically closed. You can use send virtual keys from the App or the Danalock home Web app, those keys will allow you or your gest to access the room, then, you delete them anytime.

The Danalock battery status can be checked from your smartphone or computer, in order to recharge it, and don't worry about the installation ! the device can be easily installed on all door types as a retrofit to your existing dead bolt lock.

A very useful smart lock that you can get by just hitting the Amazon button below !


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