Now that will have a free time on holidays, you can surely enjoy some gaming, because, you never grow up for video gaming :D , so, here is a Top 5 of the best Consoles you can get.

1- Xbox One

Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One has reached its best selling in November, beating the number of units sold by the Sony's Playstation 4, although the Xbox 360 is still a great console, Xbox One is now the best thing you can get for the holidays, and you can get it with Assassin's Creed Unity Bundle from this Amazon Link.

2- Playstation 4

Some of you still prefer the Sony consoles, and that's a great choice without a doubt !, the Playstation 4 with its powerful graphics and speed is available with DualShock 4 Controller, HDMI Cable, Power Cable, Wired Mono Headset and a USB Charging Cable, and you can get it from this Amazon Link.


For those who like playing everywhere they go, this is the first Tablet designed and made for you, the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet is provided with the world's fastest mobile processor, the device is also provided with a responsive stylus, and it can be paired with a wireless controller, you can also stream games from your GeForce, GTX-powered PC and play them on the SHIELD tablet. You can save a great amount of money and get it from this Amazon Link.

4- Nintendo Wii U

You can't mention video games without mentioning Nintendo, that's why the Wii U is on the list ! thus console is available with 32 GB of storage in this Amazon Link.

5- PlayStation Vita

For those who likes playing on the go, the Playstation Vita might be the best portable gaming console you can get, it is provided with an attractive 960 x 544 OLED display, along with a battery that can last up to 5 hours of continuous gaming, and if you have a PlayStation 4 and a WiFi connection, the Vita will stream the console’s games through its Remote Play feature. This great portable console is available in this Amazon Link.

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