The CES 2015 is now over, and it has brought a huge number of innovative products, we can't mention them all, but, here is a list of the most important stuff you may have missed.

The LG G Flex 2

The new Flex phone from LG has been unveiled, the smartphone comes with great improvements, you can take a look at it in here.

Audi Smartwatch !

A great surprise from Audi to unveil an LG based smartwatch, designed to control their cars ! you can see it here.

The Ring

Its is a doorbell that will ring your smartphone when you're not home, the new innovative doorbell will change the way you interact with your visitors !, more about it in this link.

The E-Ink Walls

New decorative walls based on E-ink Prism, these walls will change colors based on inputs, you can take a look at them in this link.

New Battery Cases For the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Mophie's new two in one battery cases for the iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus are a great way too keep your phone charged and protected at the same time, all about them here.


Dell Venue 8 7000 Android Tablet

Dell has unveiled a very beautifully designed android tablet,  the thinnest tablet in the world, it also a very performing device, all about it in this article.

Samsung SUHD And Bendable TVs

Samsung is everywhere inside our houses, and this time with the amazing bendable TVs ! know about them in this link.

Parrot Smart Pot

A great innovative product that will surely help you a lot with your plants, you can take a look at it from here.

Alcatel OneTouch Smartwatch

The company consider this device as the Zara of smartwatches !, it is a very carefully designed peace, you can know all about it here.


Sony's FDR-X100V

The sony's new camera is a very interesting device for action lovers, it it Sony's first 4K ready action camera, you can read about it here.

Mint !

Mint is a new device that can analyze and tell you if you have bad breath via a smartphone App !, all about it in this link.

NFC baby Thermometer

This NFC chip stick to your baby skin and measure his temperature in 3 seconds ! a cute device that you can check in this link.

Kodak Android Smartphone

Kodak unveil its own android smartphone, not really a good new product, but you can check the specs in this link.


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