The HTC One M8, HTC announced their newest accessory, which is the HTC Dot View case.

HTC uses a retro 8-bit display to show information through the dots on the case. 

The HTC Dot View Case is a great looking case, and if you pick up your phone and double tap the front of the case, it’ll turn on showing you the time and weather. Which the weather will flash between the conditions and temperature. Then it’ll turn off after a few seconds.
Now if you’re getting a phone call, you can swipe up to answer or down to ignore, through the case. You never even need to open it up. It’ll show you the name of the person who’s calling, but not their phone number. Unless that person isn’t in your contacts, then it’ll show their number.

Unfortunately, the Dot View case doesn’t show notifications from other apps like Gmail, Twitter, etc. but it will work for the stock email app and a few other HTC apps.
You can check out the link below to see the Dot case explained in video

HTC Dot case explained

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