The new expected LG G3 in finally unveiled yesterday (27 May) on a simultaneous events in London, New York, , and San Francisco, a bigger screen than the G2, and a super HD display are the two things remarkable from the first sight.
The LG company tag about its new flagship is "Simple is the New Smart", well, you can see the simplicity throught the look and the screen. Dr. Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of LG said: “The smartest innovation in a fast evolving smartphone market is creating harmony between advanced technology and a simplified user experience”.
The main competitors of the LG G3 are the previously presented Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 and the Sony Xperia Z2, so can the G3 compete with them using the following Specs.

The new LG G3 is provided with a 5.5 inches 2K screen, that present a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, a screen that should handle the camera quality which is provided with a 13 MP sensor and an optical stabilizer, the frontal camera have a 2.1 MP resolution. The screen pixel density of 538ppi, makes it a breathtaking Quad HD display that brings life to photos and videos taken by the camera.

The G3 is a performing smartphone with its fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor clocked on 2.5 GHz, and a 2 or 3 GB of RAM depending on the version, two versions are presented, the 16GB and the 32GB storage versions that you can extend to 128GB with a MicroSD. The battery looks also performant with its 3000 mAh power, and it is removable too.

The new G3 contains almost all the connectivity types, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, the 4G/LTE and the NFC.

The LG G3 will run the latest Android version KitKat 4.4, and it uses its own graphical layer to bring a great minimalistic user interface design with flat circular graphics.

New functionalites and features
Of course new functionalites are integrated to the LG G3 to make the innovation, let's begin with the new Smart Keyboard, it is a new Keyboard that tracks your finger movement on the letters to reduce yout typing mistakes, by learning your way of writing, the Smart Keybord position can be also Adjusted to fit you hands.

Another new functionality added is the Smart Notice, it is like a personal assistant, it will provide you with notices and suggestions based on your habits and location, like, "do you want to call back your friend John", and "it is raining to day, do you want to bring an umbrella", and also "You are home, do you want to turn on the Wi-Fi ?"...

And the most important thing is the security, so LG G3 presents its new Smart Security, first, a new smart way to unlock your screen with the Knock Code, you can just make a code by tapping on your locked screen, not less than 80 000 combinations are possible.
If you have lost your phone or if it's stolen, you can make it unusable using the Kill Switch new functionality.
Do you wanted always to hide your files and important data, now you can do it with the Content Lock feature.

The LG G3 will be available in different colors which are, Silk White, Shine Gold, Metallic Black, Burgundy Red and Moon Violet. A really interesting phone with exellent inside and outside specs, so if you want to get it, the LG G3 will be on sale beginning from July the 1st in the UK and tomorrow in Korea, the price will be around 600$.

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