Taking care of the baby's nutrition a one of the mandatory things that parents think of, it takes a lot of time and sometimes it is a painful task.

A new company called "Sleevely" has launched a new smart monitor destined for babies, it is a bottle holder that wraps around his food and milk bottle,
and thanks to the integrated sensors, the holder can give you the temperature of the milk, the volume consumed...
And using a Bluetooth connection, the data is transmitted to the parent's smartphone to inform them about the nutrition state, and this is via a dedicated App.

The App can also give you advices on how to improve your baby's nutrition..
So, you will not have ask a doctor every time about simple things, the App will answer many of your questions.

The founder of this company "Ofner" came up with this idea after the birth of his son in 2012, who needed a special care of his nutrition.
Ofner said "We were asked to specifically monitor time and amount for each meal, but there wasn't a good way to automatically log this information."

An interesting product that could help parents soon. Until then, checkout the video below

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