Samsung has unveiled it's new camera, called the NX mini, like the name shows, the NX mini is the thinnest and the lightest camera in the world at this moment, it measure 0.89-inch in thickness and 5.4-ounce weight, real small one that can easily goes to your pocket.

The camera is designed in a way to let selfie fans take comfortable pictures of themselves, thanks to the 3 inch touch screen that can flip for 180 degrees,
Turning that screen automatically set the camera to "Self Shot" mode.

The camera is part metal and part plastic, a leather feeling plastic like in the Galaxy Note 3.
Samsung put a sensor of 20.5 Megapixel that can shoot 6 frames per second, and if have no problem with reducing the resolution to 5 Megapixel, you can shoot up to 22 frames per second ! Also, the NX mini can record HD videos with a resolution of 1080p.

The NX mini came with Wi-Fi and NFC connection to pair the camera with your smartphone via the Smart Camera App.

Like many cameras in the market, the NX mini contains smile detection feature and others..
But Samsung has introduced a new feature called "Beauty face", it is a great one that once you turn it on, it moves off all your facial blemishes wrinkles, acne.. (if you have them :D ) !

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