Using 3D bioprinting techniques, Scientists in Boston have created the first artificial synthetic blood vessels. 
Boston's researchers said that they have first of all created the mold of the vessels using a fiber template from a naturally derived sugar based molecule called agarose. After that, the mold was contained in a substance like gelatin called hydrogel to create the synthetic blood vessels.

Ali Khademhosseini, the lead researcher on the project said: "Engineers have made incredible strides in making complex artificial tissues such as those of the heart, liver and lungs,”

The nature of blood vessels is extremely delicate, and the difficult part was getting the synthetic vessel's makeup.

To perform the main functions of the blood vessels, the inner walls of the vessels are bordered with endothelium, which is created from endothelial cells.
The endothelial cells performs the following functions: trafficking hormones, filtering fluids, hemostatis, and more...

Although this great creation, the transplantation of this blood vessels in humans organs still years away from reality, Ali Khademhosseini said: "We're far away from humans, but I think the technology would be translatable."

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