Athletes are always exposed to shocks and impacts that likely affects their cranes, teeth and many other body parts, so, a new product is developed to help protect them selves while practicing sports.

Force Impact Technologies known as FIT has unveiled a new interesting product, the FITGuard, a smart mouthguard To Prevent Concussions and warn about them.

The FITGuard is a plastic accessory that you can wear in your mouth (if you are an athlete), beside protecting your teeth, the mouthguard can warn you about the danger of impacts and shocks by lightning LEDs contained in the FITGuard, if the received shock is not dangerous, the light of the LED will be blue, and if the impact is strong, the LEDs will light up in red to warn you so you can have a break and reduce the damages.

The FITGuard also is connected to an application on your tablet or smartphone to analyse data received in real time, basing on those data, you can decide to continue playing or not, it will be also very interesting for parents to protect their kids when they are practicing their favorite sports.

Authorities estimate that 10% of Athletes suffers of concussions at least one time a year, and this is the opportunity to reduce this number.

The FITguard was created and developed by Anthony Gonzales and Bob Merriman, Gonzales was a former Rugby player who, during a game, experienced a strong head shock that made him forget what happened for a while.

The device is still under the tests, but if you want to get it, the FITGuard is available for pre-order for a price of $50.

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