The first robots able to express their feelings are no longer a science fiction, the Japanese SoftBank has unveiled, 5 June, in Tokyo, the robot called Pepper, a robot that can mimic like a human being. Pepper is designed to compensate the lack of workers in the specially in the services fields, in Japan, where the population is becoming older so fast.

The Pepper robot will be able to read you emotions by analyzing your facial expressions and your voice's tone, and then react based on these data, the SoftBank chairman and CEO
Masayoshi Son said "We have made a new entry into the robot business with the aim of developing affectionate robots that make people smile,Using emotion engines and Cloud AI, which evolves with collective wisdom, we're making this happen".

The robot could be used as a children guard, and could be a solution to assist old people and nurses...

This robot will be made by a cooperation between the Japanese SoftBank, and the french company Aldebaran Robotics, Bruno Maisonnier, the founder and CEO of Aldebaran Robotics said "The emotional robot will create a new dimension in our lives and new ways of interacting with technology, It's just the beginning, but already a promising reality.”

Pepper will not be available for consumers until 2015, and the price will be at least $2,000.

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