Right now, there are two ways to control your Google Glass, swiping the touch-pad with your fingers, and via your voice commands, but this is not all.
A British start-up called This Place has created an App "MindRDR", that once installed on your Google Glass, you will have the ability to control actions just via your thoughts !

How it Works

In fact, the MindRDR App will not operate alone, an additional accessory will be connected to the glasses, it is a brainwaves sensor that will receive your brain activities and transform them into a electroencephalogram, then, send it to be analyzed by the MinRDR App, this sensor in designed by NeuroSky.

What Can You Do With It ?

Until now, using the MindRDR you can only take pictures and share them to social networks, without the need of using your hand, you have just to focus on your target and decide to make a picture, and its done ! Of course, the App will be improved and many other functionalities will be added to build an extraordinary experience that will make you control your actions with your thoughts.

Dusan Hamlin, the CEO of This Place said "Google Glass is one of the world’s most recognizable and popular pieces of wearable technology, but after getting our hands on it, we saw huge potential to incorporate EEG technology so it benefits the wider society,We wanted to realize the true potential of Glass by allowing users to control it with their minds."


The MindRDR App is available for users for free, but the brainwaves sensor will cost you an extra $130, for now, you can download the App from here.

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