the startup Occipital has recently unveiled the most highly anticipated gadgets of the year, the Structure Sensor, is a tiny, portable 3D scanner that snaps into your fourth generation iPads, iPad Air and iPand mini..

How It Works

The 3D scanner Structure Sensor is a little similar to Microsoft Kinect, but it is portable and it can be attached to your tablet, it contains two infrared LEDs and a camera that will make you see the depth of the reality through your screen, it means that you can create a 3D model of your house, and also play augmented reality games inside your living room and using your furniture, you can even 3D scan your family members !

The Structure Sensor contains its own battery and it is rechargeable using a USB cable that connect to your iPad. After putting the sensor on the iPad, you should carefully scan the objects you want with the right speed and position, and this is assured with a dedicated scanning software, the Skanectalso and independent App,  ItSeez3D is developed by a Russian startup that’s been working on computer vision since 2005.

This gadgets can help improving games in the augmented reality world, it can be a great tool to improve the 3D printing and scanning, you could someday print a 3D model of yourself...
The company Occipital thinks that people might use it for body scanning to help fitness Apps track your body performance, also in video games, you could make a 3D scan of yourself and enter to the action of the game...


The Structure Sensor is not yet available in the markets, but the communicated price is a little high, it is almost the same price of an XBox, $399 or $499 with Occipital Skanect 3D software.

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