British Airways have gone a little far to see if their first class customers are satisfied with their services and flights, and they are going to use a smart blanket !

The British Airways wants to call it the happiness blanket, this smart blanket changes colors based on your mood, so if you'r feeling relaxed, the blanket color will be blue, if you'r stressed it will be a red color that will warn the plane staff so they can take care of you and make you comfortable, also if you are just a little stressed, the blanket color will turn to purple.

How It Works

The passenger should wear a comfortable headband that contains a number of sensors to monitor his brain activities and detect his stress. The headband communicates with the smart blanket which is made of fiber optics via Bluetooth, and transmit data to it, then, the blanket react and changes colors based on the sent informations.

Maybe we will be seeing this happiness blanket in our houses, so you can tell if your wife or husband is stressed ! :D

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