A new startup from Massachussetts called MicroCHIPS is working on an electronic pill that can be implemented under the skin, it is just for women, but why is that ?
The pill is created to assure contraception in a whole new way, and this project is developed under the encouragement and the financing of Bill Gates..

How It Works

The new pill is an electronic chip that measure 20x20x7 mm, it can be implemented under the skin in three ways: under the skin of the buttock, the arms or the abdomen, it sends daily doses of 30 micrograms of levonorgestrel, which is an hormone already used in other types of contraceptives. Doses are prepared in advance inside tiny tanks who exists on the chip, then, the doses are released thanks to a micro-battery that sends an electric current to the tanks so they melt and release the hormone.

The big innovation is not just this, the pill can be remotely controlled ! So it can be enabled or disabled using a remote control so the doses can be managed by the doctor or by yourself.

Unlike any other contraceptive device, this chip can last a real long period of 16 years in which you can take a full control of having babies...

According to Robert Farra, the start-up manager, this idea is born from the words of Bill Gates in 2012, when he asked if it could be possible to control birth remotely.
MicroCHIPS is assuring that there is no health negative effects with using the chip, anyway, this implant is not going be available in the markets before 2018.

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