A team from Queen's University in Ontario, Canada have created a backpack and a fanny pack that will generate energy to recharge your phone while walking, it is called the Go Kin Pack ,a great useful idea when you are running out of battery in the middle of nowhere.

How it works

The backpack charger is equipped with a USB port inside of it, in which you can plug your phone to charge it, also, you it contains a two cords that hook onto a shoe or wrap around the ankle, and while walking, you can charge your device and have the necessary charge level that will allow you to make 30 minutes of calls every 5 minutes of walking.

The backpack designer Bill Ostrom said "Walking will generate 10 to 14 watts of electricity, It's usable, it's green, it's very exciting.".

The fanny pack and the backpack are not only used to recharge phones, they are useful to charge any type of gadget that uses USB, your tablet, camera, GPS device, and others...


The campaign  wants to reach a goal of $30,000 to start the production, it has already reached an amount of $10,000. If the goal is reached, the fanny pack will be available to the public starting from November 2014.

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