Parents, you will never be worried about your kids when they ignore your calls, now, they will be forced to call you back thanks to a new android App developed by the Texas-based technology firm, Mountaineer Technology Ventures.

How It Works

Once installed on the main parent's phone, the App will let parents activate a lock on their kid's phone, so they cannot use the main functionalities like texting, internet connection and more... The parents can configure the App by adding many kids accounts depending on their kids number.

When the kid attempt to unlock the phone, the main device will receive a notification to inform the parents, also, Mom or Dad's numbers can be added to emergency contact list, once your kids call you back, you can simply disable the lock so they could normally use their phones.


The ignore no more App is available to download from the Google Play Store and it is only compatible with Samsung, Nexus, HTC and LG phones.

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