Everything is going smart, and now, its the turn of Motorcycle drivers to enjoy the technology.

The Skully AR-1 is a new unveiled smart helmet by the startup Skully Systems that will change the way of driving motorcycles, from the outside, it looks like a normal helmet, but in reality, it comes with a plenty of innovations.

Skully AR-1 contains a a rear-view camera that will show you everything happening on your back directly on the helmet glass in front of your eyes ! Thats not all, the Skully is able to show you many other informations like speed, directions, fuel levels and more data that supposed to show up on the dashboard.

Also you will not be distracted from the street, the Skully AR-1 connect to your smartphone via bluetooth, and it will show you the caller ID, so you can answer your calls directly from the helmet.

Street directions are also very important, that why the Skully AR-1 helmet will show you navigation informations in front of you, it will guide you to your destination via your smartphone GPS, using video and voice assistance.

The startup did not forgot about entertainment, you can enjoy the music available on your smartphone directly on the helmet, and use it like a headset.

Those interested in buying a Skully AR-1 must pre-order it via Indiegogo for a price of $1,399.

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