If you want to show off with your luxury, cars, houses and even your Private Jet ! If you are super rich (maybe you're not reading this, you have no time), and you just want to discuss with only persons of your kind, persons that understand that your only problem in life is how to add gold accessories to your plane, then, Facebook in definitely not the right place to talk about this.

Netropolitan is a new social network for super rich people to meet and talk and share their interest and show off with their properties, there is no way for a normal person to join the network, and that's because it will cost you $6000 to make your inscription, plus $3000 of annual fees ! The description on the official website says "an online country club for people with more money than time".

If you are rich and interested, join the network ! you have to be at least 21 years old, also, you don't have to add friends, you will see everyone on your timeline. Crazy enough ? Join Netropolitan.

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