Did you ever thought of living someone else's life ?, i think some of you did, maybe you dreamed of living some rich or famous person's life, well, this guy is going to do it for 28 days, and through a Virtual Reality headset. How is that !

Mark, a British conceptual artist, will wear a VR headset for 28 days and he will stay in a locked room, he is going to try living another man's life who, lets name him John. For 28 days, John will record every moment of his life, even going to toilet, the recorded video will be given to Mark so he can watch it via the VR headset, the video in recorded 6 days in advance, so there is no real time connection between the two persons.

Mark, the British artist, is not allowed to do anything but eating, showering, and entering the bathroom, but, he can do it only when John does ! otherwise, Mark should be locked inside his room, and the only human contact he can make is with his psychologist for an hour a day.

This dangerous experience can leave him mentally altered for the rest of his life !, but he is going to do it trying to explore whether humans are moulded by their environment or pre-programmed by their genes ! A debate and a question that was asked by many philosophers like Descartes through the human history.

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