Did you get tired from washing your car, didn't you say, what if my car never gets dirty at all ? Well, Nissan thought of that !

The automotive manufacturer Nissan invented a dirtproof paint for cars ! that it is under testing, and results are showing that it is a successful idea.

The technology used is called Ultra-Ever Dry, the paint created is damp-proof and oleo-phobic, it repels dirt, oil and water.

Nissan said that the paint "has responded well to common use cases including rain, spray, frost, sleet and standing water".

Compared to the old types of paints, the new one contains an additional layer between the paint and the environment that can resist to all this types of dirt.
Nissan is also using this layer to protect the reversing radar camera..

According to Nissan, the new invention is not going to be integrated in all cars, it is an option that you can order for an extra 750 $.

Maybe it worth that price compared to the water that you are going to waste washing your car.

Here is a video showing the tested car

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