Everything that we use is our daily life is becoming connected and smart, and now, it is the bike's turn to join those things.
A new Canadian invention is unveiled, the Vanhawks bike, it is a carbon fiber made bike that will make riding bikes a real joy.

General Look

The Vanhawks bike is able to give you directions by lightening Right or Left LEDs located in the handlebar when approaching a turn, and this can only
be done using your smartphone to set your target, so most of the bike's features requires a smartphone to function, a dedicated App is developed to manage all the features, it is available on Android and iOS.

The bike can also warn you if a car is getting close to you by vibrating the corresponding handlebar, the Vanhawks is full of sensors that can communicate with the environment, with your smartphone, and with other Vanhawks bikes.

More features

The bike can warn you and guide you far away from potholes !, and that's by noting their locations and sharing them with other users of the Vanhawks, so, 
avoiding potholes depends on how Vanhawks community is driving. And when a Vanhawk biker is passing next to you, the bike notify of that too.

Beside of that, the bike can calculate your burned calories every day when using it, so you could tell, the bike is not an electric one, sensors and electronic components are powered by your cycling activity.

How to get it
The Vanhawks is not for sale right know, but the price is announced around 1050 US$ , and the bike is expected to be launched October 2014.

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