Google is using every possible way to bring the internet to the world, fibers, loons, drones... Now it's the satellite's role to bring you internet.
Now, the world counts 6.8 billions of people, but 3 billions of them have not access to the internet, so it will be a big deal to google to increase its number
of clients, and continue to its project of becoming an Internet provider to the world.

The previous year, Google announced that it is using controllable flying balloons under a project named "Google Loons" to provide High speed internet to emerging countries, and recently, google has finally acquired Titan Aerospace, a company that produce orbital drones powered by solar energy, those drones can fly up to 12 miles, and last for 5 years in the sky, it is an extension to the project loons, with the same objective to bring the internet to the world.

Titan Aerospace was going to be acquired by Facebook, but, Google had the final word.

Today, the Wall Street magazin unveiled the Google will launch 180 satellites powered by solar energy and floating in low altitudes to bring high speed internet, a speed that can reach 1 GB per second, the same technology adopted by Titan Aerospace will be used in satellites, and the same team will work on this new project which will cost google about 1 billion dollars.

This project and the drone project are expected to be commercialized in 2015.

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