In the occasion of the WWDC 2014; Apple has unveiled today their new projects and products for the future, and new features included in their products...
First lets talk about their new operating system, the iOS8.

The iOS 8 features

Interactive Notifications

The iOS 8 will be available for iPads and iPhones beginning from this fall, and it will include some new features compared to the previous iOS7.
The first feature in the interactive notification, from now on, when you'r receiving a notification, you don't have to open the App to respond to it, you can just tap on the alert and reply directly if it is a message, without interrupting your main application.
This feature in also applicable when you have a notification on the lock screen, you can choose the action to do directly from there, by swiping the notification.


The multi-tasking screen is also enhanced, you can double tap the home button to see your recent apps, and recent contacts, then you can call or text them by tapping their picture, when a list of options appears to let you make your choice.


Like the notifications, you can swipe down an email to see options like "Delete"... or to perform other tasks and compose the email at the same time, you can also swipe other direction to mark it as unread.

Messages, Do Not Disturb, Tap to Talk...

The iOS 8 includes also some message enhancement, with the new location sharing and Do Not Disturb feature to mute notifications, you can also reply to the message by calling the sender, and that's by raising the phone to your ear, a functionality that already exist in Android. A new feature is also the Tap To Talk, you can record a voice message and send it so the recipient can play it back.

The keyboard

Nothing is new if you are an Android user, the new iOS8 keyboard brings some features that already exist in Android, beginning from the predictive typing, suggestions appears to you to help you complete your sentence, also, you can swipe between the letters to form your words.


Siri will include song identification with Shazam, that will allow you to purchases directly from iTunes.

Family Sharing

Now, your family members can share your content purchased on iTunes, also, the card holder will receive a notification if someone of the members wants to purchase something on iTune, then he can reply by accepting or rejecting the purchase. Up to six family members are supported.

These are the main features of the new iOS8, we will talk soon about the Apple smart home, The fitness tracking and the health App.

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