Smart wearables are now available in a huge number of varieties and choices, every manufacturer is trying to bring new features to attract you, and this .klatz Smart Bracelet maybe your favourite !

The .klatz smart bracelet is provided with a 384-LED display that can bring you time and notifications, the screen resolution is far from the existing smartwatches like the Moto 360
and others.., but this bracelet looks elegant and it comes with a new feature. .klatz can be opened to take the from of a phone, so you don't look dorky bringing your wrist up to your face !, then you can use it as your smartphone handset.

The .klatz smart bracelet connect to your smartphone via Blutooth 4.0 to display you time, and notifications of SMS, incoming calls and emails, the company also promises a bigger 600 mAh battery that will last for 10 days !

If you want to pledge it on indiegogo you can get it for $99, otherwise, you can wait for the next spring to get it for $139.

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