Many of you prefer to stick with a regular watch, to enjoy the luxury mechanical look, now, with the Montblanc watches, you can still enjoy the regular watches look, and fully profit from a mart use of them.

Montblanc has announced an optional e-Strap compatible with their luxury watches, the smart strap is a leather strap that attaches to your regular watch strap without noticing it, it contains an 0.9 inch OLED touchscreen that will goes on the underside of your wrist, the e-Strap features the activity tracking options, is will also provide you with remote camera trigger, notifications from your Android and iOS device via Bluetooth, and a full music control.

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The Montblanc e-Strap comes with an Android and an iOS dedicated App to manage your activity tracking data and more, the company said that the device can last for 5 days on battery before recharging. Wanna look more fancy ?! this e-Strap will cost you about $300.


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