Your smartphone has not enough power to feed your power hungry headphones, so in order to listen to pure audio on your device, you really need an extension so you can enjoy the purest sound on the go. VAMP Verza by V-Moda is the world's first docking headphone amplifier, it is a digital-to-analog converter and a battery pack that transforms your smartphone into a mobile hi-fi system, the device features two Digital to Analog Convertor (DAC), one USB Audio DAC for your computer and a second micro-USB, 30-pin or lightning to bypass the stock analog output for your Android or iOS devices. The device comes with a USB-to-Micro-USB cable, a 3-inch USB-to-Apple 30-pin cable, a 4-inch Android Micro-USB-to-Micro-USB cable.

Your computer or smartphone are designed to power small ear buds, but by using VAMP Verza, your headphones will sound their best to offer you a bass boost and a 3D mode specially tuned for home and car stereos thanks to an integrated Bass/3D Button.

VAMP Verza is provided with a 2200 mAh battery that allow you 7 hours of continuous use, also, you can use the battery pack to simply recharge your Android or iOS devices, this beast is an Apple MFi official device approved, and it is tuned by the V-MODA's award winning acoustic team and legendary musicians and Grammy-Award winning producers.

V-Moda's Val Kolton in Milan, Italy, also designed the machined Metallo case specifically for iPhones or Samsung Galaxys, The Verza and Metallo case together form a great phone/audio system, the devices comes is three colors, white/orange, red/black, and matte-black that looks and feel very premium thanks to the metal designing, want to get this amazing device ?! just hit the button below !


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