The audio world is full of brands and competition, Beats, Samsung Level, and so many other giants, all of them are looking for the sound quality and the good design, but this is a whole new idea of speakers, called the OM/ONE device created by a team in Oakland, California.

The OM/ONE device is a bluetooth speaker, but not a normal one, it is a levitating speaker ! it really levitates and you can pass your hand between it and its base, the speaker floats about an inch off its base, then the user can spin it around in the air while listening to music. The OM/ONE device uses the magnetic levitation phenomenon, it also contains a microphone so you can receive incoming calls from your smartphone when it is paired to the speaker.

But beside the interesting design, what is the real purpose of this device, David DeVillez, the co-founder and CEO of Om Audio said "The fact that it levitates gives us an angle on some audio techniques that make the speaker a lot better". So it would provide a better sound quality.

DeVillez also said "The unit has a 3-watt RMS amplifier inside of it, and it can produce a 110dB output, where competitive products like the Jambox or the Pill... they're using 9 to 10 watts to get 110dB".

Want to get it ? the device will be available in December for $179, you can also pre-order it on this company official website.

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