Apple's new iPhone 6 is making a big success after just 10 days from its launch, Apple has already sold 10 million iPhone 6 in one weekend ! and that's huge. These stats are scaring the Korean giant Samsung, and in order to reduce the Apple success, Samsung has announced yesterday and early launch of the Galaxy Note 4 in South Korea and China.

The Galaxy Note 4 was expected to launch in October, but in order to stop the iPhone 6, a new plan was made by Samsung to launch the Note 4 this week both in China and South Korea, and it should be successful, the Galaxy Note 4 is a very powerful phablet with a better screen, hardware and features compared to the iPhones 6 Plus.
The Korean giant is in a difficult situation specially when seeing a 25,2 % decline in its market share, particularly, the mobile division suffers the declining.

With the Galaxy Note 4, Samsung is hoping to make a bigger success and reach more that 10 millions units selling, the same number of the sold Galaxy Note 3.

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