In the occasion of a New York HTC event, the company has unveiled their new smartphone, the HTC Desire Eye-Phone, and its the best phone you can get for selfies ! The name is inspired by the frontal camera that is located in the middle of the phone border, like shown in the picture, and this camera comes with a 13 MP sensor ! well, that's the best for a frontal camera !

The HTC Desire Eye comes with a 5.2 inch full HD screen and a 13 MP rear and frontal camera designed for selfies, and here are briefly the specs:

Screen : 5,2 inch Full HD
Processor : Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core  clocked at 2,3 GHz
Memory : 2 Go de RAM
Storage : 16 GB, you can extend with ia MicroSD
Rear Camera : 13 MP
Frontal Camera: 13 MP
Battery : 2400 mAh
Connectivity : WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G
OS : Android 4.4.4
Colours : white, black + red or blue edges


Auto Selfie : Takes a selfie when smile in front of the frontal camera
Split Capture : Takes a video or a photo simultaneously on the front and rear cameras 
Crop-Me-In : To take a selfy and automatically delete the back ground
Face Fusion : Make fusion of two pictured faces in just one face, (just for fun !)
Also there is a great feature that will let you take a picture just by saying "Smile" or "Cheese", and if you want to record a video, you need just to say "Action".

The phone will be available this month in the USA, and it will cost you $499.

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