Not a long ago, we discovered a new interesting smart wearable, Skully's Smart Motocycle Helmet, now, this is a new smart helmet, and it is designed for bicycle riders.

LifeBeam is a company known for its defense products, designing fighter pilot helmets, this time, Lifetime inspired from its already existing products and unveiled a smart helmet for cyclists.

The smart helmet is provided with accurate sensors that are used in military aerospace systems to monitor fighter pilots and special operations forces, the sensors  can track your heart rate and tell you about your burned calories while cycling, all without a chest strap, the monitoring in based on bio-sensing technology that combines bio-sensing hardware, analytics and software that are able of measuring human performance.

The helmet includes ANT+ and Bluetooth transmitters that will transmit data to your smartphone. The battery life is also improved, on one recharge, you can use it for several times in a month.

The helmet is available from the company right now, and it will cost you $200.

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